The Tillo App promotes habits of professionalism, accountability, creativity, and lifelong learning.
Thuto Trust includes training in the


for each teacher intern

We are currently sourcing funding to enable our interns to get involved in the teaching of Robotics, be trained and get familiar with the Coding and Robotics curriculum as proposed by the DBE.

Thuto Trust


To support accurate and timely reporting and evaluation of our programme, Thuto Trust embeds the use of technology, the Tillo App, to capture extensive management data. The Tillo App performs three vital functions:


Influence teacher interns towards forming habits of self-discipline, accountability and professional behaviour, necessary for any teacher to be effective


Providing data on the quality of experience and impact of the various components of the internship programme


Enabling scalability of the programme, through technologically driven supervision, monitoring and evaluation

Each intern is supervised by a dedicated Thuto Trust teacher mentor, and both interns and mentor input data on the Tillo App, related to reflections and observations of each task set out in the programme schedule. As a result, the Tillo App promotes habits of professionalism, accountability, creativity, and lifelong learning. The use of the app also enables robust responsiveness to the pedagogical developmental needs of each teacher intern.

The Tillo App

enables cost-effective

real-time monitoring and supervision

of interns across multiple locations, in a geographically and time-sensitive way. The availability of vast amounts of data on the performance and impact of the programme itself is a first-in-teacher internship in South Africa and is a significant differentiator for the Thuto Trust Internship Programme in Public Schools.



Our internship schedule is designed to also allow for time allocation for our interns to add value to our partner schools, by participating in all aspects of the culture of each school. Through TEDA, Thuto Trust provides opportunities for educators and principals in the host schools to benefit from training in Leadership and Mastery of Diversity. Thuto Trust also provides host school teachers the opportunity to participate in our training for teaching of Robotics. Thuto Trust has made the use of the Tillo App available to the school leadership, to generate valuable management data towards continuously improving the professionalism, and skills of in-service educators. We are very excited about the potential impact to these participating schools.