We equip teacher interns with the necessary tools to become the most dynamic and resilient educators possible.

Thuto Trust’s comprehensive psychosocial support programme

Thuto Trust acknowledges that South African youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds have many struggles to overcome. However, once they do, they can truly become the best they can be.

Thuto Trust has therefore recognised the need to provide deeper, more holistic psychosocial support to our teacher interns, establishing the Thuto Life Academy to equip teacher interns with the necessary tools to become the most dynamic and resilient educators possible as they create their own healthy and self-sustaining futures.   

Thuto Trust recently partnered with an international organisation, headquartered in Canada, which has been working in southern Africa for 17 years to deliver innovative support programmes that help people heal, learn new skills and strategies, and ultimately take action for the benefit of others.

We obtained a lisence to deliver more than 100 training modules on topics such as goal setting, gender issues, conflict resolution, grief and loss, decision making, self-esteem, sexual violence, HIV/AIDS, health, stress management and leadership, guidance for pregnant teenagers, young mothers, grandmothers, adolescents, girls, boys, young adults, community leaders, and government officials, among others

The academy appointed three dedicated and experienced psychosocial support facilitators that will join Thuto Trust on 1 October 2021. They embarked on intensive training for six months to study these successful methodologies to enhance the support we provide to our teacher interns. 

Our aim

We believe when Thuto Trust develops a cohort of confident teachers, able to recognise needs and impart social support to young learners, the country can embark on an exciting path of positively enhancing and impacting the education of the youth in our country.  

We strive to change the landscape of education in South Africa through our effective teacher development programme.

Our new offices

Thuto Life Academy facilitators will operate out of our newly set-up offices at the Soweto YMCA, close to many of our public school partners. The facilitators will start with intensive psychosocial support for our teacher interns at the beginning of the 2022 school year.