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Spend your skills and socio-economic development budget wisely


Cambridge University Press recently secured a Level-1 B-BBEE rating

Cambridge University Press South Africa, one of Thuto Trust’s loyal partners and funding contributors, has successfully secured a level 1 B-BBEE rating​. CUPSA’s skills development investment in bursaries for black students at higher education institutions and the Thuto Empowerment (Pty) Ltd (100% black-owned, 60% female-owned company) contributed towards its B-BBEE scorecard points.  With these contributions, CUPSA funds black students to obtain a B.Ed. or a PGCE at one of South Africa’s top universities.

“CUPSA has partnered with Thuto to develop and further the synergies the two organisations have in the education space. This partnership provides access for black students to top Universities to give them the best start in life.” – Carmen Ashby, Finance Director of Cambridge University Press South Africa (Pty) Ltd


How your organisation will benefit by making a difference while you earn B-BBEE scorecard points

Help produce skilled teachers to improve the quality of basic education in South Africa with your financial contribution.

Do not wait – use your CSI or skills development budget to increase your B-BBEE rating either via skills development bursary or SED contributions. Spend your skills or socio-economic development and/or CSI budget wisely by funding comprehensive bursaries at higher education institutions for black students from previously disadvantaged communities who are studying to obtain a B.Ed. degree or a PGCE at one of South Africa’s top Thuto Trust partner university).

These students participate in the Thuto Trust full-time internship and teacher development programme at one of our public and private partner schools under the guidance of experienced mentors, to gain valuable practical experience.

The development programme includes accommodation, a living allowance (stipend), practical teacher training, books, and a holistic intensive psychosocial programme.

Thuto Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and thus issues tax exemption certificates to qualifying contributors. Our university degree bursary students participate in a full-time internship teacher development programme. The beneficiaries are 100% black, enabling you to improve your B-BBEE scorecard. You can earn points by partnering with Thuto Trust with your skill development expenditure on bursaries for black students at higher education institutions or with your socio-economic development (SED) contributions.

Change the face of education in South Africa with your contribution to quality teaching to improve overall education outcomes by helping produce better-skilled teachers to improve the level of education in our country.

Visit www.thutotrust.org or contact us today on +27 (0) 11 285 0148 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how you can participate to make a difference while you benefit.