Empowering our South African youth, making a difference

Making a difference by serving a higher purpose


higher purpose is not about economic exchanges. It reflects something more aspirational. It explains how the people involved with an organisation are making a difference. It gives them a sense of meaning and draws their support.

Striving to fulfil its higher purpose, Fedgroup aspires to secure the future of South Africans. Fedgroup endeavours to achieve this goal through its involvement in various programmes, one of which is its partnership with Thuto Trust.

Thuto Trust is an innovative education trust and registered public benefit organisation (PBO) that invests in deserving young people by providing tertiary education bursaries and innovative support. Thuto Trust’s vision is in line with Fedgroup’s aim to create a prosperous, inclusive economy for all South Africans, making this partnership a perfect fit.  

Fedgroup is the appointed administrator of the Thuto Trust. As such, Fedgroup offers its expertise to administer, monitor and evaluate the Trust activities.  Fedgroup is also currently in the process of identifying additional ways to support the trust.

According to Lerato Okeyo, Chairman of Thuto Trust, “We greatly benefit from the proactive involvement of Fedgroup as a partner. They are not just an administrator but are actively involved in giving guidance and providing facilities as well as support, by assisting with the trust’s financial and administrative burdens. Fedgroup’s approach to social responsibility is not a mere chequebook philanthropy but actual involvement in the areas where they can make a difference.”

Tim Alleman, Chief Marketing Officer of Fedgroup says, “We would rather focus on making a lasting and quantifiable difference in a number of lives than adopting a generalised approach that may have no long-term benefits. We therefore choose corporate social investment (CSI) projects where we can establish long-term partnerships with providers, beneficiaries, clients, and members of our society. These partnerships are chosen based on our ability to leverage our expertise to the greater benefit of all the parties involved. Through our work, we strive to make an impactful and lasting positive difference on people, the environment and our industry.”

Partnering with Thuto Trust, who provides tertiary education bursaries, was a natural progression for Fedgroup due to its existing CSI involvements such as the caretaking of pre-school and school children as well as its Iteke Learnership Programme that bridges the gap between school and further education or the start of a career.

Organisations that want to get involved and make a difference by changing the face of education in South Africa are encouraged to partner with Thuto Trust. The trust not only provides full tertiary education bursaries but also leadership development and psychosocial support to motivated and tenacious students with a passion for teaching, and a desire to obtain a graduate or post graduate degree in education, specialising in maths and science. The bursaries form part of a full-time internship teacher development programme. Funders will therefore play a part in cultivating a society where education is a right, not a privilege.

Get involved today, you can make a difference by improving the quality of education in South Africa.

For more information on how to get involved, visit www.thutotrust.org or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.