Producing effective, motivated and professional teachers for South African schools and communities

Our Value Proposition

So many young people have the intellect and desire to learn, and the will to grow beyond their current reality. Unfortunately, many of these young people are trapped by their lack of access to funds.

We focus on attracting and retaining young leaders with great potential to the teaching profession, to make a lasting impact on the South African schooling system. We are opening new doors for young people who have the passion and desire to teach.

We produce effective, motivated and professional teachers for South African schools and communities. And they in turn are equipped to prepare literate, well-educated and socially enabled young people who have the capacity to change the South African literacy and employment landscape for the better.

We are producing a high return on investment through quality education, practical training in the classrooms of well-functioning schools, as well as one-on-one mentoring and coaching.

The effectiveness of Thuto Teacher Development Programme is based on predetermined, formal criteria, which our beneficiaries are required to adhere to:

Relevant subject matter excellence

  • Practical preparation in managing classrooms effectively
  • Practice in the classroom, individually guided by experienced teachers and a full-time mentor, dedicated to the interns
  • Experience in developing solutions to achieve teaching objectives
  • Emotional Intelligence and leadership attributes critical to effective teaching
  • The ability to effectively serve as role models within their communities

These are the values Thutho Trust lives by

  • Practical preparation in managing classrooms effectively
  • We are entirely transparent, providing our donors and partners with well-defined and quantifiable feedback
  • We are accountable at every level – from director to student
  • We are committed to making a positive change to education
  • We believe in South Africa’s young people
  • We are committed to compliance and good governance across the board

Our track record, governance, and compliance with all Public Benefit and Non-Profit Organisation regulations, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting on social impact, provide our valued partners and donors with clear, verifiable impact reports on the status of the Trust.