Our Partners

Thuto Trust works with the highest calibre of associate organisations in their respective fields. Our associates include:

Reputable Universities

The Trust focuses on developing educators of the highest quality through reputable and recognised universities. Beneficiaries currently study through the University of Witwatersrand, University of Johannesburg, North West University and the University of South Africa.

Trust Administrators

Fedgroup is the appointed Trust administrator, performing administration, monitoring and evaluation of Trust activities.

Dedicated Students

Countless deserving, previously disadvantaged young people pursue the higher ideals of education through the Trust, to become South Africa’s future leaders and a solution to the basic education challenge.

Fund Managers and Investments

Thuto Trust works with a diverse team of corporates, including Aluwani Capital Partners, Fedgroup, Cambridge University Press, Rouvierre General Brands, TransUnion Credit Bureau and Reabetswe Capital to grow the Trust Endowment Fund through ongoing fundraising and investment activities.

These contribute significantly to the financial sustainability of the Trust. The various fund managers have contributed to the deployment of Thuto Trust funds and diversification of investments for the benefit of both the current cohort of students, and prospective students.

Guaranteed return investments minimise exposure while ensuring continuity in terms of base funds. Private equity investments, chosen to minimise risk, provide growth and dividends, while also contributing to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funds as a donation towards teacher development.


RAMS Incorporated provides advice and solutions to Thuto Trust on legal compliance issues.

Audit and Compliance

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) auditors of Thuto Trust, on a pro bono basis.

Partner Schools

Roedean School SA, St John’s College, Kyalami Prepatory, Beaulieu College and Streetlight School host our internship programmes, providing exposure and training in best practice in teaching, mentoring and psychosocial support to our beneficiary students. 

We are in the process of increasing our network of Partner Schools especially in Public Schools.

Kyalami prep school
Kyalami prep school

Redhill college
Redhill college
Kyalami prep school