About us

Thuto Trust is an innovative education trust and registered Public Benefit and Non-Profit Organisation (PBO & NPO). We invest in deserving young people through tertiary education bursaries.  With the help of donors and partners, we have invested in excess of R 40 million in over 1000 bursaries and scholarships over the past 15 years. Through access to tertiary education, the lives of our beneficiaries have changed for the better, with the majority of them moving on to successful careers in South Africa.

Think large-scale economic empowerment

Though investing at teacher level, we empower young people to become positive, productive members of society, with a clear vision for what their future holds. Good teachers are the catalyst for lifelong learning in young students, and at Thuto Trust, we are committed to contributing to that outcome.

Our aim

We aim to produce highly proficient teachers. Our programme places emphasis on teaching from the early childhood development phase through to secondary school – particularly in numeracy, literacy, maths and science. As we continue to provide constructive opportunities for teachers to qualify and work, long-term education outcomes in South Africa will improve exponentially.